Saturday, 8 October 2016

Nokia 301 Saved A Man From Being Killed By A Bullet! Don’t Miss These Hilarious article

Nokia 301 Saved A Man From Being Killed By A Bullet! Don’t Miss These Hilarious article

hellow everyone.

nokia 301, save the life

nokia phones ki majbuti ke baare me toh aapne suna hi hoga aur uski majbooti ka ek jabardast  mamla samne aaya hai. kuch din pahle police per choro ki taraf se hui jabardast fairing me nokia 301 ne ek policeman ki jaan bacha li. bullet sidha police man ke phone per aakar lagi. bullet phone me rah gyi aur pitar sakel name iss aadmi ki jaan bach gyi.

Yes, you read that right! Our unbreakable, solid steel handset; Nokia has added this incredible incident to its list of amazing life-saving events. While we have news of the latest and trending mobile phones blasting due to certain defects, the indestructible Nokia phones continue to make wonders. Today’s hero is this Nokia 301 handset that saved a man’s life.

Many times, will hear that Nokia's mobile but no matter how much bang you ever heard that two of those break-Mobile could save someone's life. Nokia, known for its strength in Afghanistan by a man who has saved.

The case came to know the man named Peter Skill mobile photo tweeted by Twitter user. Peter wrote that a Nokia phone, which I did work a few succeed, he saved the life of one person is the week. The Nokia 301, which the company released in 2013.

Earlier, Nokia's phone has been so amazing. The Nokia Lumia 520 also once saved the life of a person on the Brazilian police were firing indiscriminately thief.

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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Watch The Beautiful Bond Dhoni Shares With His Childhood Friends, Chittu & Chottu

Watch The Beautiful Bond Dhoni Shares With His Childhood Friends,  Chittu & Chottu

hello everyone.

chittu and chottu

haal hi me release hui film MS dhoni khud surkhiya bator rhi hai. iss film me mahi ke do sabse kareebi dost dikhaye gye hain. film me jasie dikhaye gye hai real me bhi vo wse hi hai. dhoni aur unke dosto ko lekar mcdowell's ne ek AD bnayi hai vo yaha dekhe.
Among the many life lessons that the Dhoni biopic taught us, one is this: friends are important. Very, very important. The talented small town boy went on to become the greatest captain Indian cricket has ever seen and throughout that epic journey, MSD had his loyal friends by his side. Even when he hit the big time, Dhoni stayed loyal to his roots and his three childhood friends continue to be an integral part of his life. 

Sushant's camaraderie with the actors who played Dhoni's three best friends was spot on. This made us wonder if we could ever get to see a glimpse of the real off screen bond. Turns out we can!

Chittu's motivation, Chottu Bhaiyya's efforts and Santosh's helicopter shot gave Dhoni the support structure he needed to climb the ladder of success.
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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Fawad Khan news "Bollywood kisi ke baap ka nhi hai" Indians told the "chhote log"

Fawad Khan, said that "Bollywood kisi ke baap ka nhi hai" Indians told the "chhote log"

hellow everyone.

fawad khan news

iss samay badi khabar ye hai ki jo indian artist pak artist ka samarthan kar rhe the unhe doob kar mar jana chahiye kyuki pakistan me jakar fawad khan ne ye kaha hai ki "bollywood kisi ke baap ki nhi hai. humare logo ki wajah se bollywood chalti hai" aur yhi per hi nhi ruke usne indians ko chotte log bhi bataya.

beshram karan johar, salmaan khan aur saif ali khan jinhone fawad khan ka samarthan kiya tha unhi ke muh per fawad ne aaj thuk diya hai.

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Fawad Khan attacked now on India, Indians told the "little guys"

Shameless Karan Johar, Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Pakistani actor Fawad Khan, etc., which were defended

Fawad Khan spat in the face of all these today

Indians appearing naïve Fawad Khan said that Pakistan will be surprised that of all.

Indian Motion Pictures Producers Association President said culinary artist Fawad Khan's controversial remarks after leaving India, the same country (India), where he is working against were making good money.

TP Agarwal, president of Indian Motion Pictures Producers Association, said Fawad visiting Pakistan have expressed their anger at the Indian Film Industry.

Fawad Khan said, "Bollywood is what the father of any of the work we will do our logo because of Bollywood, which people (Indians) are those who oppose us are opposed, these little guys opposition to what we care "

The Shiv Sena, MNS film, says the US president that he is Khopkar also heard something about Fawad Khan who is surprising that a lot of. He said that during the talks with Fawad, a section of the media has said that "Indians are very small hearts of the people '.

You mention that this jihadi mentality of Fawad Khan, Pakistan parastom work of many Bollywood.

And when the people of India have protested against our people in Bollywood Pakistan people.Okay which supported Fawad Khan, Karan Johar is the head of

Fawad Khan completed by the Indians today "little people" and told

Pakistan still probably pro Bollywood producer Nirdershko no shame because they were not the first to have the money and the money is later.
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Thursday, 29 September 2016

These glamorous daughters of billionaires who are still unmarried

These glamorous daughters of billionaires who are still unmarried

hello everyone.

ananya birla a richest indian girl

sabse pahle to iss website ka facebook page like kare.
desh ke billionaires ki betiya apne business me success hone ke sath sath apne glamorous look ke liye bhi jaani jati hai. toh dosto m inke baare me bss aapko bata sakta hu patani aapko khud ko padegi :-)

isha ambani, jyanti chouhan, radha kapoor aur ananya birla ye kuch ese name hai jo business me bhi successful hai aur dikhti bhi kaafi glamorous hai. chaliye puri detail deta hu inki :-)

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Kumar Mangalam Birla and Neerja Birla Birla's daughter Ananya Ananya recently are linked to the business world. He is a business conference, an awards ceremony or a business magazine pages are seen rarely. Ananya has also studied at Oxford.

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age - 21,
founder and chairman, independent Microfinance Limited 
Education - Economics and Management, Oxford University
family net worth - 6.5 billion.

Yeshaswini Jindal

Naveen Jindal, Chairman of Jindal Steel and Power yashaswini daughter and Shalu Jindal Jindal yashaswini trends Kuchipudi dancer. He has a lot Stage Performance.

Father - Family Naveen Jindal.
Family net worth - $ 6 billion.

Isha Ambani

the country's most wealthy businessman Mukesh and Nita Ambani's daughter Isha Ambani is famous in the business world. His name is included in the count of the Forbes list Bileniyr successor. Isha Ambani, Reliance Jio project with his brother will be watching the sky. Before he graduated from Yale University in the US have joined Mecentji. Isha Ambani likes to play the piano. They also have the professional training. He's the only daughter of Mukesh Ambani. Isha has two brothers. 800 million stake in the Reliance Industries.

head of the project - RJio
education - graduation,
Yale University Family net worth - $ 27 billion, 

fashion designers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla Isha Ambani, Manish Malhotra designed clothes have seen many times.

jayanti chauhan

Bisleri International Director and Chief Minister Ramesh Chauhan, the only daughter of the family business jubilee has been handling very well. Ramesh Chauhan King known soft drink Thums Up, Limca, thanks to products such as the new destination Bisleri International said. He Thums Up and Limca, Coca-Cola began selling the mineral water brand Bisleri Ramesh Chauhan, have entrusted their business to their only child birth One big reason was his growing age. jyanati of the Father descend Bisleri brand carried on up to the expectations. As a company director, marketing and branding at birth are particularly focused. Bisleri International's brand is worth Rs 1,000 crore.

Age - 30
Director- Bisleri India Limited 
Education - School of Oriental and African Studies
Bisleri International brand - Rs 1,000 crore.

Radha Kapoor,

the country's fourth largest private sector lender Yes Bank MD and CEO Rana Kapoor Radha Kapoor's elder daughter not to follow in his father's footsteps that are running their own businesses. Nearly two and a half years before the marriage of his second daughter, Rakhi Kapoor said. Radha Kapoor Delhi overbearing Pro Kabaddi team. He is majoring in Communications from New York. They play the piano, painting and the like. His business has been.

Radha Kapoor

age - 30 
Presto, founder 
Education - Stanford University

Roshni kapoor

Yes Bank MD and CEO Rana Kapoor light camphor light Kapoor's younger daughter is studying. His older sister Radha Kapoor are doing their.

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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Infuriated Pakistan, the open threat of nuclear attack on India

Infuriated Pakistan, the open threat of nuclear attack on India

hello everyone
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nuclear attack on india

haal hi me ek news aayi hai ki pakistan ne bharat ko nuclear attack krne ki khuli chetavani di hai. darasal pakistan ke raksha mantri khwaza aasif ne kaha hai ki hum bharat ke khilaf spacial bomb ka use karrege jiska asar uski aane wali pidhiyo per padega. ye pakistan ke rakhsya mantri ki bharat ko khuli damki mili hai.

bata du ki 18 sept. ko jammu and kashmir ke uri sector me ek hamle me bharat ke 18 jawan sahid ho gye the. jiske baad bharat aur pakistan me tanav bad gya hai.
Pakistani Defence Minister Khawaja Asif has threatened nuclear attack on India. Khawaja said that we would use the bomb against India Special. Khawaja further said that Pakistan could do so very easily with the destruction of India, whose impact will have on future generations of India.

the Uri sector of Jammu and Kashmir on the 18th of 18 Indian soldiers were killed in a terrorist attack. Since then, relations between the two countries has increased the sense.

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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

12 Shocking Pictures Of Bollywood Actress Without Makeup

12 Shocking Pictures Of Bollywood Actress Without Makeup

hello everyone.
aaj jo ye photos m aapke liye laya hu unhe dekh kar aap dang rah jaoge. aapke chahiti actress ke parti in photos se aapka pyar kam bhi ho sakta hai. umeed karta hu ki ye photos aapne pahle toh kabhi nhi dekhi hogi. facebook page like jrur karo dosto.

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Priyanka Chopra
inn dono photos me darkness saaf nazar aa rhi hai. real me kya yhi priyanka hai :-)
without makeup
Deepika Padukone
aajkal deepika padukone ka fan kon nhi hai. but iss photo ko dekhne ke baad sayad aap fan na rho kyuki yhi real deepika hai.
without makeup deepika

Ameesha Patel
iss actress ne haal hi me bold photoshoot krwaya hai. yr ye toh real life me bhi utni hi hai jitni reel life me hai bss thoda bahut freak hai.
without makeup amisha

Alia Bhatt
ailaaa... alia. bhai yr isko toh makeup ki koi jarurt hi nhi hai yr. bina makeup ke shoot kare toh bhi mast hi lagegi. alia is a young girl. she is only 23 year old.
without makeup actress

Aishwarya Rai
ab jiss actress ki baat hone ja rhi hai uska toh lagbhag pura desh hi diwana hai. ji haan ye hai aishwarya rai ye actress without makeup aur with makeup me koi khass freak nhi hai.
without makeup actress

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Viral video of the teacher, the class that does the dirty work with the girls

Viral video of the teacher, the class that does the dirty work with the girls

hellow everyone.
teacher in class beating girls

aaj kal internet per ek video tezi se viral ho rha hai. jo kisi student ne chup kar bnaya hai. jisme haryana ka ek teacher marks kam aane per girls ko pit rha hai. kuch students ne ye video shoot kiya aur social media per viral kar diya.

video is here:

video viral hone ke baad teacher ne safai ye di ...
  • teacher ne kaha ki students me anushan aur aache marks ke liye ye krna jruri hai.
  • kaha ki students ko hum pahle pyar se samjhate hai aur nhi manne per ve esa karte hai.
  • parents ke mamla samne aane per unhone kaha ki ese teacher per sakhat karywahi honi chahiye.
students ka isper kahna ye hai ki teacher jab bhi koi late aata ya test me uska ek bhi number kam aata toh uski buri tarah se pitayi hoti thi.
These days, social media is becoming a viral video in which a teacher is beating up students in a classroom. After being told that the low marks that teachers beating children. Some students in the video was shot and share on social media. Teacher said after viral video ...

Pradeep Arora, a resident of Karnal district for many years coaching in the English run.

- Pradeep Indian Navy before retiring in 1999 and has been teaching since tuition.

- After viral video Pradeep says it is important for students discipline and good brands.

- The first students explain with love, but when she does not improve, then we have to do that.

- The case came to light after the parents and other teachers said that such action should be taken on the teacher.

Excuses for beating students who have
- Students pointed out that if a child is late or the test comes less than a number or if someone does not beat him with homework.
- Students say the teacher to teach the children discipline of Defense also beat.
thank you - HCI
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